PMA new blog space!


Something more than dealing with being sick I suppose ….

While I’m still in recovery mode….

I need to write and connect.

So many have reached out and raised me up …..

a word here…

a gesture there….

A way of being in the world that is :


organic, in the sense of growing,







anyway….  you won’t see the ripples until you throw the stone in the water



I don’t know what it does for you but it draws me back to moments of solitude when I’m alone and a bit of soul work is going on.


Chartres  Cathedral

I was there in November 2008.

The Rose Window

The Labyrinth on the floor.


Kerry is in the worlds view again with the last two minutes of Star Wars.

I’ve been going there almost every year since is I was 18 years old.

I’ve been looking again at something I had published in the “Furrow ” in 2007.


“On Sceilig with the Kerry Mystics”

J.B.Shaw, the playwright, who holidayed in Parknasilla, said no one should get an Irish passport without going to that “most fantastic island ”

It can be seen in nature and sensed in the events, characters and incense of prayer that is its history.

“A tooth of rock sticking up in the Atlantic swell ”

The boat journey out there,past the Gannet Colony, gannets, seals, gulls,Dolphins, puffins ( John O Donohue, Breeda, and myself once saw a mink whale on our decent from the summit of the Rock)


The Monks who came there first, why,how?

Isolation and loneliness of the place allowed these heroic aesthetics to make some sort of sense to people who sit in a dark place and that’s everyone of us at sometime.

Abbot Blathmac 950, Aech 1044 and Eitgal who was taken prisoner by the Vikings and died of thirst at sea…

Their mystical spark kept their warmth within. Their vision is transformed by prayers salted by tears, distilled out of great bitterness.

That’s what we have in our tradition here in Kerry.


Saw the film “Lunchbox ” on Netflix. Great insight into life in Mumbai.

Two great lines from this Indian film:

“Sometimes the wrong train will take you to the right place ”

“We forget things if we have no one to tell them to ”



6 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Good Luck Fr. Pat with your recovery and your BLOG. Keep us all informed will keep up with news/posts by you as I do with Mary Coogan


  2. Pat – just to wish you a good and positive journey as you continue to evolve.
    May all your days and nights be blessed.
    All best wishes
    John Mulligan


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