Winter is good for you!


In the middle of January, the feel of Winter all round, it’s Spring were looking forward to. But Winter focuses the mind. In fine weather the mind wanders all over the place. It nearly always ends up back with myself – my poor self! 

However Winter cures self pity. If it’s raining, don’t complain, it’s raining on everyone else around you too. The rain and the cold aren’t a personal experience. The best weddings are the ones where the rain and the cold keep the people together. A fine day and people wander all over the place. Winter is a great time to talk and to listen. It’s a time for being REALLY present to each other.

And then in the middle of winter the sun breaks through and what else would you need to nourish a solitary spirit.  

Yesterday in Ballybunnion.



3 thoughts on “Winter is good for you!

  1. You sound so much like my beautiful father, who also had cancer thrown at him! Your words of positively remind me so much of him! I miss him dearly, but, can hear him in the wise words you speak!! God be with you!


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