Rural life in Kerry

I’m re-reading the poetry of the Welsh Anglican priest poet, R.S. Thomas. He priested in Rural Wales and sensed the decline, the “rural waste”, we are all sensing around us increasingly away from urban areas. I quote from his poem ‘The Welsh Hill Country’:

“too far for you to see

the moss and the cold of the cold chimneys

the nettles growing through the cracked doors

the house stands empty…..

there are holes in the roof that are patched by sunlight

and the fields are reverting to the bare moor.


too far, too far to see

the set of his eyes and the slow disease

wasting his frame under the tripped coat

there’s a man still farming…

contributing grimly to the accepted pattern

the embryo music dead in his throat.

Can’t you smell the stale, musty feel this January day! And the question is, side by side with that, where is new life breaking through?

It’s a snap shot.

Is it too far to see or is the donkey laughing?



One thought on “Rural life in Kerry

  1. How lovely to hear your voice from a fresh new space . Your journey here was arduous and now “may the road rise with you “as you continue on your way .šŸ‘šŸ¼


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