A friend visited

It’s a mild dry morning in downtown Asdee. If cows could swim they’d be let out in the fields!

My friend, Dermot McCarthy, the Killarney based artist, came for a short visit yesterday. So many know him through his unique art work that is detailed, imaginative and true. Each piece of his work is like a story that draws you into a mythical world. From there the viewer can get an insight into how connected they are to the world around them.

To meet Dermot himself is to encounter a gentle, respectful hesitance that is warm and enriching. I have know Dermot, Helen and family for over thirty years, and we always feel renewed in each other’s presence. His next exhibition is in Listowel during Writers Week. He brought me a gift of a framed representation of Our Lady. Daily he prayed to her for me when I was in hospital. I am delighted to thank him now and as I do I am also grateful to all who prayed and wished me protection over the last year, as I approach the first anniversary of my diagnosis.

In Nóirín Ní Rian’s book “Listen with the Ear of the Heart “she tells one of John O Donohue’s funny stories. An Elderly Nun who dies meets Peter at the heavenly gates. She tells Peter how she loves God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit but all her life she has been waiting to meet Mary.

 “Go on now, there she is,over by the garden” says Peter. The Nun tells Mary how honoured she is to meet her, how much she admired the Trinity, but really Mary she said you were always the one for me. I have just one question for you, why is it you look so sad in so many pictures and statues down on earth? Mary whispers to the Nun, “Well, secretly, I was always hoping it would be a girl!” And I could hear John’s laugh as I read the story. We make God laugh when we tell him our plans.


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