Are you Jesus?

It was the biggest meeting of Paul’s life, and it had gone very well. He couldn’t wait to tell his wife and boss. As he rushed out of the office building with the rest of the team, they noticed a taxi.

Eager to get to the airport to catch their flight home, they bolted toward the car. But as they make their way across the street, they inadvertently knocked over a small fruit stand by the side of the street. The rest of the team ran on but Paul stopped and turned around to go back. The others said,”come on or we will miss the plane”.

“Go ahead without me” Paul said as he made his way back to the sidewalk covered with fruit. At that moment, he realised that the woman who owned the fruit stand was blind. She was just standing there crying softly with tears running down her face.

“It’s all right” Paul said to her as he got down on his hands and knees picking up the fruit and vegetables. There were a hundred people passing in each direction, but nobody else stopped to help. They scurried off to wherever they were going. Paul not only put the fruit back up, he rearranged it. Now he turned to the woman and said, “are you all right?” She nodded through her tears. Then reaching into his wallet,he took out a few notes,gave to the woman and said “this should cover the cost of the damaged fruit ” With that Paul began to walk away. “Mister,” the woman called after him. Paul paused and turned round,”Are you Jesus?” “Oh no,” he replied.

The woman nodded and continued, “I only ask because I prayed for Jesus to help as I heard my fruit fall all over the street” Paul turned now to go on,only now he was crying. He missed his flight that night, had to stay in a hotel. This gave him time to think. He couldn’t get one question out of his head: When was the last time someone confused you for Jesus? 



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