Pancake Tuesday 

It looks like Mardi Gras celebrations won’t go ahead in downtown Asdee because of hailstones today but rest assured the frying pans will be out. Traditionally pancakes were made on this day to use up excess eggs before the austerity of the 47 days of Lent that starts tomorrow. Then you had the pancake flipping completions. The winner around here was always Ray Keane but Sean Doran was always a close second.

Ray told the following story to his grandchildren last night. A 9 year old boy complains to his grandmother. He was feeling sorry for himself. The bully at school chased him, he failed a spelling test, he had a cold and he wanted a new bike. “Poor boy “said the grandmother, “will I make you a treat?”.”Yes” he quickly replied.

“Would you like a cup of flour? “, “No”

“Would you like a cup of sugar?” “No”

“Would you like a few raw eggs?” “No”

“What if I mixed all three together with milk in a pan ; how about that?” the wise grandmother asked. “This sounds great – a pancake! ” he said .

So,  as Lent begins, think of what I might regard as the unhappy ingredients in my life. There are situations, relationships,events that do not taste good sometimes. But with the warmth of prayer,patience and faith on my part, in time they can nourish me in a new way.

Anyway, we’re still learning from Ray Keane but my money is on Sean Doran to win this evening with the pancakes!

If you are calorie counting during Lent the cartoon of the modern Eve might help!


One thought on “Pancake Tuesday 

  1. My father Michael Hannon while walking home from Béal School by way of the Beal Sandhills. He passed a cottage and got the wafting smell of Pancakes been cooked. The woman of the house knowing my fathers mother had died just after he died asked him would he like a Pancake. With a growling stomach he gladly accepted. He polished off the pancake with gusto. She offered him a second one and he accepted. He decided to watch the lady make it. She put the pan on to heat and then rolled a spit out of her mouth and it hit the pan. If the spit rolled across the pan it was ready for the batter. Michael jumped up and took off out the door and could not be seen for dust. It was along time again before he eat a Pancake!!

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