The birds have started singing in the morning in downtown Asdee.

They can be seen in pairs inspecting trees and ditches for possible sites of nests. Our bird box has been surveyed, even by blackbirds. Sunrise is now at 8am.The year moves on through anniversaries of first trips to doctors and hospitals and the dawning of new awarenesses.

A challenge for me this Lent is to live in the present moment.


There is only the now and I need to stay fully present in it. So I’m trying to know where I am at all times! That seems to be where the soul can travel. It’s like entering a different but parallel dimension of reality. Soul time doesn’t seem to be split up.

To go there seems to point to the need to settle with unfinished business in the past. This seems to be a deep need of the soul and affects my ability to heal. I read that holding onto bitter parts of my past is like carrying credit card debt- I get even more into debt by going on. If the past is more real than now I can’t heal?

A time that has come and gone can’t overshadow what’s happening right now.

Yesterday was Donie O Keeffe’s birthday but because it was Ash Wednesday celebrations were postponed till today. This colourful elephant visited Donie this am from Tom Galvin’s farm in Rathea – the stunts they pull around here on each other! Patsy Coughlan spoke at the event ,quoting a phrase he learned in Asdee school: “felici dei felici, e colui che puo far felici ghi”. Roughly translated from Italian, it means: happier than happy is the one who can make others happy.


5 thoughts on “NOW

    • Love the elephant with the butterfly ears. As for Donie, that is a perfect description, he makes so many people happy. And , on your own journey, you are doing a remarkable job. I love your honesty and pure perseverance, well done x

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    • What a beautiful read on a train to the Big Apple this frigid cold morning 💨💨and definitely no birds checking out real estate around here yet 😓 🕊🕊Hope all is well in uptown & downtown Asdee today 🙏

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