Confession is good for the Soul

Though the day is wet and windy in downtown Asdee, it isn’t cold. 

The gulls are resting in the green wet fields, sensing the choppy seas around us. The last few months have been so slow for me. I have had to stay in one place, indoors, restricted access to people. Experiencing a small bit of cabin fever so I have been building myself up for a short outing. On Thursday last I went to Dublin with Kathleen. Our purpose was to meet my cousin Debbie off Flight E1146 from San Francisco. Our trip to Dublin was through luminous countryside in the February sunshine. The blue Shannon met the green fields all the way to Limerick: and then meeting Debbie after her nine hour flight and it’s four months since we met. I’m still not in the position of looking after myself and Debbie will stay here for the next few weeks. Better to be born lucky than rich!

To celebrate our existence, and through the kindness of Billy Keane, we three got to see “Big Maggie”. It is memorable and great Kerry contributions to this Druid Production dedicated to the memory of Mary Keane. Aisling O’Sullivan could read the stars in her skewed take on human nature. Muiris Crowley lands a flawless interpretation of a bruised son. Meeting Muiris afterwards was life giving for he is a generous man who brings light with him wherever he goes.

Friday for me was spent resting, to recover my energy for the trip home today. We stopped at the Obama Plaza on the way down-a must for any Yank with democratic leanings! 

Was it wise for me to go? 

What was my expectation in the light of what I have been reading in Caroline Myss? Well I had no expectations with regard to outcome but I had with regard to myself and my behaviour. I rested when I needed to and boy did I need it. Another step in my self understanding!

Yesterday was Olivia Whyte’s thirtieth birthday-that’s 30! There was Marquee Dancing all night in Bunabha and today is a national holiday in that townland. Many of the guests arrived by yacht and docked at the local jetty. I just hadn’t the energy to go myself to this high octane gathering! Kevin loved it. Olivia’s wise mother Mary, keeper of the hens, declared “the water that softens the spuds, hardens the eggs ”

What do you mean Mary? 



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