“She is still with us”. Re-membering 

The South-West winds blew loud and wet all night in downtown Asdee making bed feel so comfortable!

The way a whistling wind can creep into a house and roam around so many crevices like a trapped bird. Nancy and Mary came and we remembered their sister Chrissie Nolan who died before Christmas. Today the Church’s  Liturgy reminds us of the transfiguration of Jesus. In Mark’s Gospel the story is told that Jesus went up the mountain with a few disciples and there they saw Jesus being transformed into a heavenly reality that left them awestruck. Sometimes in nature when the temperature drops below freezing point the green fields turn white with frost. Something like that happened on that mountain : awarenesses was raised to remind us all that there is a future calling all of us forward and Jesus directs us on that road of mercy.

Our humble prayer is that Chrissie is now in that transformed reality that she was baptised into. Often Chrissie quoted, Duagh man George Fitzmaurice :   “What matter it now what he did or didn’t do since he is gone but for him and the likes of him, the sun will always shine and the flowers will always smile on the green grass of Ireland.”

As Spring wakes up the flowers from the brown Earth we will be reminded of the way Chrissie lived a life moving us all towards the transformed life Jesus shows us.

Back in 1981, Chrissie attended my diaconate ceremony in Rome.



One thought on ““She is still with us”. Re-membering 

  1. Your obituary of chrissie nolan was wonderful. Your description captured the essence of who she was and what she stood for. It was a masterful piece of writing.
    Sheila Crowley

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