The Way We Talk 

Winds passed over last night in downtown Asdee and the day broke fresh and bright.

The stern descriptive language of “Big Maggie” is still with me. I hear echoes of that tongue formation around us still. It’s raw and used most often when someone is being brought “down to size.” Did you ever sense “empty bigness” in someone? Then a neighbour used to say: “Lovely people but they came from nothing!” In a local pub, a silent man was asked what he was doing.

“Thinking,” was his answer.  “A dangerous thing to do if you haven’t the proper equipment,” the questioner added.

“I knew you from 1 to Z” threatened the tipsy neighbour at the mart. The new bit of style was always commented on; “You’re neat but not expensive!” And the returned visitor was clipped by saying, “Didn’t you get good looking!”

Humour, when it mirrors a truth bears repeating. Many a truth told in jest! The slit between the nose and the chin can be more wounding than a blow.


2 thoughts on “The Way We Talk 

  1. A neighbour who used to call to our house always entered with the greeting, “God bless all here bar the cat and the dog.” Such colour is not all gone from our language yet.

    I’m continuing to enjoy your daily musings, “short and sweet like a donkey’s gallop.”

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