Do Badgers Eat Eucyliptus?

The sun isn’t as evident this morning in downtown Asdee. The clouds they are a changing!

Yesterday the wet land seemed to be breathing again, it was squelchy still underfoot but the sun could still soak it dry. Debbie and I went on a trip to the fort at the back of the house. In the days of we planted 12 eucyliptus trees there last October. Kathleen, Ray and Donie did the work and I hadn’t seen them since then. That time we proposed sending Donie to Australia for Koala bears!

On November 15th, Greta Rakowski sent us a garden ornament of a koala bear. Since last February she sent me many messages of support and inspiration despite her own illness. In November she wrote: “I have learned that my thoughts have become things so I make sure I think thoughts that are loving and in agreement with what I love.”

All who knew her were inspired by her life and I couldn’t help but pray for and to her as I approached the Fort, Liosaniska.  Greta passed over to the eternity she so earnestly bore witness to in early December.

The inside of the Fort is so much more dryer than the surrounding fields. But there are only 11 trees now and some have been pruned in places. At the back of the fort is a badgers set.

Do badgers eat eucyliptus trees we thought.

The problems life throws at you! The majority of the trees are thriving.

We thought of putting up a sign saying don’t eat the trees but badgers don’t read do they? Instead Kevin, our local artist, will draw a picture of a badger with an X through it. That’s sure to give them the message! Koala consultant, Donie O Keeffe wisely told us last night what he learned going to Asdee School all those years ago: “Raramento trova subito, chi cerca in fretta.” (Rarely will you find quickly what you search for in haste) And then he drove off at high speed on a motorcycle!


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