The Wisdom of a Caller 

Birdsong is so much louder after a shower of rain this morning in downtown Asdee. A caller who rambled in last night said that “wan should always slow down when you’re feeling hasty. It will all be the same 5 years from now.”

When I can’t sit still tis then or ever I should sit still. When I’m looking for attention tis then or ever I should lay low. Often what I’m really looking for is hidden in the wrapping of my nearest want. Sure what else would be bothering you the night before an election! It didn’t stop us from going on to talking about Winston Churchill’s funeral plans, code named “operation hope not”, followed by the benefits of castor oil in cleansing the liver, frogspawn and the election.

All of which reminds me what was hidden in the wants of what we were talking about. I’m glad we finished up with a decade of the Rosary!


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