The Leap Year

The promised rain has arrived from the South-West this morning in downtown Asdee.

Listening to Caroline Myss I’ve been thinking about how we are all encouraged to feel special and affirm everyone around us as special. The result is that we are hurting from wanting to feel special all the time. I can take the weather personally but the fact is everyone else around me is getting wet by the rain too. Get over it!

It’s the advertising world that has taken hold of me when I’m so selfish.  But so often we hold the ordinary world in contempt. We so often move in a world where there is a disease in making us feel special. Because by saying I’m special I’m separating myself from everyone else. Why should I be telling myself to? The ordinariness of life affects us all, so much of it is about showing up as Woody Allen says. Yet sitting inside my own skin and becoming aware can help me to “Humble Up”.

Great advice to give in the presence of a moan!


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