March 1st. Praise as you Find. 

Last night was a Peg night in downtown Asdee. These are nights that women gather who were friends of my mother. Tea was served in the good china cups and the impact of the local election results on the decline in European politics, especially in Spain, was discussed in great detail.

“Bellezza, forza e giovaezza sono come ifiori che vengonca ad appacsire, mentre dovove feda e amore sono come i rami sempre,” maintained Eileen McEllistrim, rather forcefully, at one point in the discussion. “Too simplistic,” thought Shiela Hanrahan, as she translated for Mary what Eileen had said. She said, “beauty, strength and youth are like flowers that will soon wilt, but duty, faith and love are like branches, always green.”

However Phil O Carroll of the Mount maintained that some people nowadays prefer artificial flowers to real flowers. “So where does that leave us?” she enquired.  The topic then came up again of hens and their moulting at this time of year. Did you know that garments are made to protect moulting fowl from cold weather?  

 Debbie then floated the idea of feeding hens hot water in the hope that they would lay boiled eggs. Mary liked the idea and will try it very soon. 

Would you believe we finished by saying the Rosary which is like taking your seat in a boat that takes you out into eternity. Peg loved the Rosary for it always seemed to take her elsewhere. Someone recalled a favourite comment of hers, “Praise as you find” 


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