4th.March. That Egg! 

Problems, problems, problems in downtown Asdee!! Yesterday I reported about the hen that laid the same egg twice during the storm. So many people want to eat the egg that was laid twice. Such enthusiasm! You think you have problems? 

I consulted Con O Hanlon. Lately he appeared in page three of The Rhode Island Red Breeder’s Manual( Christmas Edition) because one of his hens lays a double yoked egg every month. This large egg is greatly admired in the greater Ballylongford area. One in a thousand eggs is double yoked. It resulted from an over stimulated ovary which misfires. In Hongkong hens are actually bred to lay double yoked eggs. However it can lead to the hens becoming egg bound or suffering vent prolapse, both potentially fatal.

Con had great advice around the raised awareness concerning THE egg. On removing his black cap, the covering of his senses, he said the answer was simple. Make banana bread with the egg and then everyone gets a slice of the action. He recommended following one of Donie O Keeffe’s recipes.

Debbie set to work. Using sour cream( from the sourest cow we met), she added flour, vanilla, baking soda and walnuts to THE egg and mashed overripe bananas. It was a success and another potential crisis skill fully avoided.

As Kevin was sketching the internal reproductive organs of a hen he remarked ” Ad ogni ucello suo nido e bello.” That is, to each little bird their own nest is beautiful.   

  The hen that posed for this sketch is in the care of Mary.


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