9th. March. The Babemba Tribe and The Pope.

It has dawned bright here in downtown Asdee and the anticipation of a good spell of weather on the way has lifted people’s spirits. Next Sunday Pope Francis will start his fourth year as Pope. He has challenged us all to show our merciful side to each other. “We need to come out of ourselves” he said, “and head towards the periphery….to avoid spiritual sickness ….’tis better to be wounded rather than sick as a Church. The only power capable of conquering the hearts of men and women is the tenderness of God,” he said in Mexico, ” the powerful witness of Divine love” 

 Francis sees the world heading towards another world war, “but fought piecemeal, yet these pieces seem to be getting bigger and bigger.” He wants Christians to be united so it can show peace to the world and he also draws attention to how important it is to look after the threatened planet for future generations.

David and Mary have been a continual inspiration to me, always holding me in prayer, hope and humour. At Church last Sunday they heard the following story, felt it and passed it on to me. It help to challenge like the life of Pope Francis.   

 “A tribe in Southern Africa called the Babemba tribe. A person doing something wrong, something that destroys the delicate social net, brings all the work in the village to a halt. The people gather round “the offender” and one by one they begin to recite everything he has done right in his life: every good deed, thoughtful behaviour, act of social responsibility. These things have to be true about the person, and spoke honestly, but the time honoured consequence of misbehaviour is to appreciate that person back into the better part of himself. The person is given the chance to remember who he is and why he is important to the life of the village.”

I’m so grateful to David for passing on this very evolved human insight that is core Christian in this year of Mercy that Francis has invited us all to participate in.


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