March 13th. Writing on the Sands.

Before six o’clock this morning there was a bird singing outside on an apple tree as loud as Donie O Keeffe singing ‘O Sole Mio’ at closing time in Jesse James’ Tavern in downtown Asdee. The dawn chorus has built up volume. Overhead flights to Paris, Düsseldorf, Israel and London from the U.S. begin their decent into Europe. The sound of rain falling is becoming a memory in the morning! Spring moves the year on this Sunday morning.

A walk on Littor Strand yesterday showed how the Spring tides has ravaged the shoreline. Trees have had their roots bared as “the sea brings the eternal note of sadness in.”

 Looking at the exposed roots it reminds me that there is a longing in me to be grounded in God. I might be looking for health or company or solitude, feeling hungry or sick, but at a deeper level these desires seem to be pointing towards a “God Hole” inside me.

Walking back along the strand I thought of today’s Gospel where Jesus in a conflict situation, knelt down and wrote on the sands. “Has no one condemned you……neither do I….go, do not sin anymore.” 



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