Monday 14th. Razor fish.

  This weekend found many locals and some visitors out at the water’s edge in downtown Asdee. “Don’t eat the razor fish until they have drank the March high tide,”we were told. So there we were at low tide sharing the seldom seen,uncovered sands with gulls and grey crows that have flown out from the land, never missing an opportunity to feed. Out there Scattery Island was touchable and its Round Tower clear and grand. The Napoleonic Battery on Carrig looked at the strands end and the razor fish were there for us. 

 People had travelled from Lyreacrompane in search of the fish. Eddie Linnane lead Tim Nash, Brigid and Mick Naughton on the quest. I was there, on Ray’s jeep to watch Clodagh,Noranne,Ray and Debbie spear the fish. They are just below the surface and have to be brought to the surface. A pinch of salt will do the trick but traditionally a spear is used. The one Ray has goes back generations in his family. The sun has come out, the wind is from the south west and its warm. I watch Clodagh as she studies her grandfather and as she helps him I wonder who,where and if she will pass this ancient activity onto.

For me the fresh air was renewing and exhausting. Bach at home Debbie began the remote preparations for the annual razor fish party hosted by Kevin, music supplied by the Donie O Keeffe ensemble, catered by Bunabha Best! 

 But they are lovely and Spring has arrived!


One thought on “Monday 14th. Razor fish.

  1. lovely sharing Pat….. the razor fish…. !!! i am glad i am ME today and not a razor fish, not sure i would be that generous. ha.!
    beautiful, this timeless place we live in, for 10 mins you took me from the spring day in Berkshire to the sands at Asdee, i was there. on that beach. have a lovely day and thank you again. love to all. x

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