Prince Myshkin 

  Dawn is here silent,grey and dry in downtown Asdee. Yesterday Debbie took a walk in beautiful Lyreacrompane. She is reading Dostoyovsky’s “The Idiot,” where  Myshkin makes the claim “Beauty will save the world.” It isn’t Donald or Hilary, or a television program or a meeting or a plan that will save the world. Beauty. Prince Myshkin is laughed at for saying it. Joan O Keeffe maintains that beauty, truth and goodness are always to be valued. Being good means doing the right things, truth means believing the right things but what’s this beauty thing about? Surely it doesn’t come about by shopping and looking after yourself? And there’s alot happening in the world that isn’t beautiful with pollution,famine, displaced people and hunger. Economics and efficiency seems to be the order of the day and often there isn’t much that is beautiful there.

If I can stop and become aware of where another person is at, if I can take the time to look at nature , to create a quiet interior moment, by just listening to a bird song I am through the senses being brought to a place of reverence. And that reverence, that awe brings me into beauty. Beauty is embodied, its real, it isn’t abstract like truth. St. John says, “In the beginning was the word,” John doesn’t say in the beginning was God. Nature can speak to the soul but people do too. It’s whatever  invites me into the presence of God, a world that is beautiful and is saving us from our collapsed selves if we allow it to. 

 The Smearla river, from the footbridge at the back of the Church in Lyreacrompane, flowing silently and silently flowing as it recovers after a challenging winter.


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