Holy Saturday

Yesterday evening, while it was still dry I managed to visit St. Mary’s Church in Asdee. It is the first Church I was brought to as a baby to be baptised and I thought of all the people who went there, many of whom are now gone on ‘the way of truth.’ Some, like Dan Wren visited on a daily basis. The place was warm and calm within, callers coming and going, silently doing the stations of the cross. Over 50 years ago, Fr. Ferris had the stations installed and each of them is titled in Irish. 

  The 11th station has a great economy of words. In English it reads, ‘the nails being put.’ A reminder that words and thoughts can drive hurt into others and sometimes into myself. The words are real in a world where the eastern Mediterranean seas have become a graveyard for so many refugees and bombs bring terror and fear to lives. Tongues can be nails.

Yesterday afternoon, I was involved in a programme with Mary Fagan on Radio Kerry. You can listen again to the 20 minute podcast by going to:




One thought on “Holy Saturday

  1. Ag baint ana thairbhe, ana spioradáltacht & ana thaitneamh as do “bhlog” maidin Satharn Cásca. Mo cheol thú, a athar Pat!
    Beannachtaí na Cásca ort,

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