Easter Monday2016

  A high point for me this Easter was was watching on Netflix “The Passion of Christ.” It was hosted and narrated by Tyler Perry in his native city of New Orleans. It was first preformed on Palm Sunday of this year. Perry, who is 46, is an actor,producer, director,screenwriter and playwright. With Oprah Winfrey Network he created the hugely successful “The haves and the haves not.” He has a major acting part in Gerard Barrett’s film,”Brain on Fire,” scheduled for release this autumn.

He is a committed Christian and in this he hosts and narrates the last hours of Jesus’ life along with a great cast of actors and entertainers. It is set live in New Orleans following Jesus through the Last Supper, his trial,death and Resurrection. At the same time a 20ft illuminated cross is brought through the streets of the city. The commentary is effective,”if Jesus came among us today would we listen to him or ask him to take a selfie with me,” Perry asks. The story line sticks close to the Gospels and there are some memorable lines: ” wake me up from inside, I feel I’m drowning in a sea spilled from a cup, it’s woven in my soul….” Perry suggests at the end that when the suffering was over there was ‘an however in the story.’  Believe first, then truly see. Deep faith and a promise fulfilled. It’s worth seeing.

Tyler Perry did a memorable interview with Piers Morgan in which he spoke of forgiveness. The 2minute utube summary is worth a look. http://youtu.be/X9ai7Gm61aI

I came across a poem I wrote on Easter Monday, 2007. I don’t remember it being published anywhere and I wrote it after a walk with my friend Brendan Walsh on Carrig Island. I talked to Brendan last night and he remembers that day too, the tiredness we felt and the rediscovery of energy  after the walk. It was called Easter Monday:

“We walked to the furthest point of Carrig Island.

Nearby is the first monastic site in North Kerry.

Across the Shannon Estuary the round tower and monastic sites of Scattery break the skyline.

A northwest wind chills the sunlight that is gaining confidence this April morning.

Feeling like the last two priests in Kerry we are full of Holy Week tiredness, inwardly more ashes than fire, more sickness than healing.

In this place and at a different time Senan of Scattery crossed over to build a causeway, a task abandoned for want of blessing.

We have only ourselves we said as we stood there.

In our inner emptiness is the birthing place for Easter hope.

That it may overtake us and bring us forward.” 

  Who did we meet coming off the island but your man and this is what he had to say!! 


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