Doubting Noah

  Morning has broken bright and dry here in downtown Asdee. Kevin hosted an oyster tasting party last night. What he found out beforehand surprised many at the party. Did you know that frozen oysters can come back to life again after being defrosted? Nobody knew this until it was pointed out. Discussion centred around how brave the first person who first ate an oyster was.  The egg sandwiches turned out to be far more popular at the party than the oysters. Kathleen suggested that the first person to eat an egg must have been very daring too considering where the egg came from. Overall the party was a success.

Last Friday the rain fell very heavy. The sound of the rain was everywhere. Whatever look I gave on Netflix I noticed that the epic film Noah, starring Russell Crowe was available. It was the ideal setting to watch a film about a deluge. Visually the film is powerful, the great images of the bible are reworked. We are reminded how humanity forgets that its strength comes from our creator. There is a wonderful lullaby antiphon in the film: “your father is the healing wind

 that whispers you to sleep

 that whispers you in sleep.”

The film suggests we have turned our gifts to violence. Overall the theme is that we have to move from the temptation of darkness and hold onto the blessing of light.

I’m thinking of Noah this morning. Today’s Gospel story is about Doubting Thomas. There is  Jesus, “who died in silence, inside God’s silence and inside the world’s incomprehension.” Thomas, the modern,almost scientific man, wants evidence like all of us that Jesus is Risen. The evidence leaves him silent. Noah on the other hand had faith so strong that he finally realised his absolute certainty was leading him astray. He was brought through experience to a place of silence too. Experience brings both of them to this silent place where there is wonder and awe at God’s presence. 



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