Damien in Dundee

  Lots of growth this foggy morning in downtown Asdee. Yesterday was a pet day, warm sunshine and so welcome. Schools are back today after Easter break. Alot of activity along the shore yesterday. Damien Stack and Donie O Keeffe joined forces with Sean Stack for the AGM of the local Dundee United fan club on Littor Strand.Interest in Dundee United began when Sean found out that a standing lion was in the crest of that club. The same standing lion is on Stack family crest. See the connection! Donie is very interested in marmalade so the three dudes have been to Dundee.

It’s nearly 200 years since a cargo of oranges arrived in that town from Spain. But the cargo that arrived from Seville wasn’t the sort that had been ordered. They were small and sour. The shops wouldn’t take them. They couldn’t send them back. They talked of taking them out to sea and dumping them. 

Enter Mrs. Keillor. She bought the cargo very cheaply, chopped the skins, extracted the juice, added sugar and made marmalade. The Keillors became rich and Dundee became famous. What looked like a failure became a success. 

The three Dundee United fans retired to Margaret Stack’s for cocktails(orange flavoured). “Calamity is only a corner on the road,” said Donie as he moved the conversation on from the possibility of Mrs Keillor’s mother being a Stack from North Kerry, a pet topic. 

Their findings at the end of a late night:   ” there are times in life and everything seems at the end, the blows are too great – too heavy. But people do and looking back we begin to see what we thought was an ending was really a beginning.”  

 Later this year the three are planning a trip to Seville.


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