Visitors from afar.

  Showery day has broken here in downtown Asdee. Our friend Mary Breen of Beale is very generous in sharing her vast marine knowledge. Only yesterday she made me aware of an app I downloaded that gives information on marine traffic all over the world. It means I can have instant information on boat traffic up and down the Shannon estuary as well. 

This morning just two miles out from Littor Strand there are two boats anchored. A lot of the traffic decides to park there because of the dept of water but also because it is County Kerry and they don’t have to pay anything to the Kilrush harbour authority in County Clare. One bulk carrier out there this morning is the’Hong Hing.’ It flies the Panama flag. It left Kamsar in West Africa on March 23rd with a load of bauxide for Aughinish. That is an alumina plant, employing 400 people up in Co. Limerick. Previous to that the bulk carrier had been to Monfalcone, near Trieste in Italy. Next to it is anchored the’Arklow Mill.’ It left Straunsvik in Iceland on April 1st, is flying the Irish flag and has a ‘general cargo.’ 

And, I’m remembering a poem we learnt in Irish in primary school : ” Thainig long o Valparaiso.” (Excuse the translation but the thoughts are wonderful.)

“A ship arrived from Valparaiso

Dropped its anchor in the bay

Her name reminded me of a kingdom

Sunlight countries far away. 
Come along with me she whispered

Far from cloud and mist and you will find

Beneath the Andes mountains 

an awesome city brightly there.
But I was young and would not wander, 

With hope and youth I chose instead

The promise of verse and fable

In the books that I had read.
 The ship sailed off into the vapour

Shining like gold, its masts so bright,

 It writes its story in the parchment

High amid the stars that night. 
She will return to me , however

The white city I still conceive,

That by the sea of peace eternal, 

I too shall be if I believe.
Now for something completely different :

Mary Whyte’s hen ; 



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