In my dreams I sometimes wander back…..

In pleasant dreams I’m sometimes down at the strand, the tide is out, the sand is variegated, there is a donkey and car there, a hazy summer sun that is warming me hangs in the air. My toes feel the warm salt water between the sand ridges, there is no sound, no breeze, no awareness of breath. It’s total calm.

In one dream I walk up out of the strand, take an immediate left, cross the flowering montbretia and into the home of Annie and Jimmy Edgeworth. The sister and brother lived on the cliff top, in a thatched cottage and one of my earliest memories is being in that kitchen as a child on a huge outing to the strand.

Yesterday I drove down there. A sudden shower was sweeping up along the Shannon. I parked the car facing towards the shoreline. I saw the huge level of erosion along the shoreline. Rising sea levels and raging winters has washed away the bank.  

 There on the cliff top was the remains of the cottage I had sat in, the montbretia plant from the front door still there. There was the foundation of the cottage. “All must change and know decay,” I thought. Yet what I’m after at times like this is, “what is unchanging, ever new.” Everything changes, even in our imagination for” the deepest truth is imageless,” as Shelly said.

Anyway the shower passed, the sun came out and we could be in for a fine ‘spell of weather. 

 The daffodils are fading and reminding me of Robert Herrick’s poem we learned at school, “fair daffodils we weep to see you haste away so soon, as yet the early rising sun has not attained his noon.” And the first honeybee of the season flew in around the kitchen and I thought of the laws of aerodynamics which the flying bumblebee does not observe. 

 This is not the donkey I met in the dream on the strand, but this is Con Hanlon’s donkey that was ridden by Sean Stack at a recent donkey derby. She won the Tulihinnel Plate sponsored by Norelle White.


One thought on “In my dreams I sometimes wander back…..

  1. “Lonely I wander through scenes of my childhood
    They bring back to memory the happy days of yore
    Gone are the old folk, the house stands deserted
    No light in the window, no welcome at the door.”
    Going back is sad but good. I’m loving your chronicling of the the changing seasons in your very beautiful corner of God’s Kingdom, Downtown Asdee. Beir bua

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