The Swallows are back.

  One swallow doesn’t make a summer but the scouts are back darting in and out of the shed. After a three week flight from South Africa their ability to pinpoint the exact place of their birth is a challenge to understand. Is it the angle of the light that guides them to their home of origin, like the salmon returning to its spawning bed from the ocean? And where am I on route to I ask myself this bright morning?

I also had a visit yesterday from my friend, Fr. Jim Linnane. I’m reading the book of his classmate and friend,Willie Walsh, the retired bishop of Killaloe. It’s a great read for he always struck me as an Irish Pope Francis. Early on in the book he gives the Latin version of Mollie Malone, a favourite in the Irish College in Rome. 

 Jim Linnane gave full voice to it yesterday evening and it would do your heart good to hear his excellent Latin after all these years.

One of the joys of blogging is the connections made. I got a lovely message from Mary Scully in which she speaks so eloquently about the power of place. Mary  gave her permission to show it for it warmed my heart: 

“Fr Moore, I’m sure you hear this all the time but I just wanted to let you know that I read your posts daily and I greatly enjoy them. I grew up and have many fond memories of Asdee but will admit rather ashamedly that I have no direct memories of yourself. It’s a weird thing to have lived in Kerry for my formative years and then Carlow for my teenage years and now Kildare with my husband & family. That transient life gives me a sense of not belonging anywhere. ‘Home’ for me is where my family is, and I have no roots. I have felt this all my adult years and I do not feel sad about it, life is life and on we go. But everytime someone ask where are you from, I reply Kerry. Everytime Kerry play in the GAA, I shout for them to win. Everytime I read your posts, I’m Kerry to the core & I sometimes read them to my dad approaching his 79th year. He asks for you often….Johnny Scully from the cross and I tell him of your news. Reading your posts about the people and the razor fish, the sights, the sounds…it’s just special. It’s home. And I thank you most sincerely for your written word. I remember you in my prayers and I wish you the very best of health. Take care of yourself šŸ˜Š Mary Scully”

What a warm, uplifting connection! And then to keep me grounded, my niece responded to my picture yesterday of the donkey : 

 “That’s a lovely selfie,” she said to me!


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