Local artist Sean Stack is hosting a seminar in downtown Asdee on the new American television series Billions. 

 Here’s Sean at work on a local project that you can see on his Facebook site Stackart.

There is an outbreak of binge viewing again around here since Billions came out. It’s all about the super rich managing hedge funds in present day New York. The carry on there is more like the mafia than Wall Street. Bobby Axe is the rags to riches fella who has hit the big time. The Attorney General is Chuck who has it in for him. But, am I bothered?, as Catherine Tate would say. These issues shouldn’t bother us but no harm to look at  a Shakespearian theme in today’s world. These characters have huge egos, vaulting ambition and the Pope wouldn’t be long taking them down for they are merciless.

It’s a great insight into the world of horse trading that goes on at high finance. There is a brilliant part of a  H.R. person, Wendy, who is married to Chuck but works for Bobby. She is a brilliant psychologist who misses nothing and is able to bring everyone into the moment. Donie O Keeffe says she reminds him of his wife Joan. Mary White lost interest in the series when she heard the line, “my cholesterol’s high enough. Don’t butter my backside, just get smarter.” Kevin Mulvihill likes the idea of “a good matador doesn’t try to kill a fresh bull. You wait until he has been struck a few times.” Eileen McEllistrim would prefer to have a cup of tea but she did quote Wendy,“we don’t need meds, were just listening to the wrong voices.” Anyway, all places in the seminar are gone and the waiting list is full.


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