The Swallow and the Barnacle Goose.

Fr Tom’s Donkeys.

Twas a great discussion night last night in downtown Asdee. A few neighbours were in including the bird watcher. It appears that when the swallows arrive from South Africa the Barnacle Geese leave for Greenland. They usually share the Beale/Littor strand for a few weeks . Last evening about 100 of the geese gathered at Littor as if they were ready to go but the winds are from the North so it would make their flying more challenging so they will wait a few days. A few years ago up to 300 geese gathered for the flight to their breeding ground. The barn owl population is on the increase and in Kylatalian I myself saw an owl lately flying by day. “Where the owls fly by day,” would be a great name for a mystery story? And here is said barn owl flying by day in Kylatalian, on the breakfast run.

Over 10 years ago, the late Dan Wren went down to Littor Wood, where he collected a dozen conquers from the horse chestnut trees and planted them, looked after them and later replanted them in his haggard garden. They have now matured into a lovely grove that will give shelter as they stand as a memory to Dan. I thought of him there yesterday as I recalled the great contribution he made to life down our road. He will be dead three years this August. Five  years ago there were twenty people over 80 years old down our road.  Dan was by far the most active and he helped everyone as he went from house to house doing little jobs for everyone, messages from the shop, turf in, a paper delivery, a lawn trimmed. He never gossiped, always helped. Yet he was the first to die. And his great witness to the Faith he so earnestly believed in is missed greatly. So at Dan’s grove I said a silent prayer, more to him than for him.

And yesterday I had a visit from my great friend Fr. Tom McMahon of Trien. He is all excited, like he had won the lottery. His female donkey which he recently inherited was in foal and has given birth multiple times. He was overjoyed as he shared with me this photo of the increase in his donkey family pictured above.

Dan’s Grove.


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