Our Kevin, Claire Underwood and Stilettos.

The other night a few of us men were discussing Scaraveen weather. That’s the inclement weather that the cuckoo brings when suddenly the conversation took an unexpected turn. Kevin, our neighbour had watched a couple of episodes of House of Cards 4, and he brought up the topic of Claire Underwood’s shoes. Several of us had watched it too because it is as good as reading Shakespeare. Sean Stack thought that she always looked uncomfortable as she swaggered round the place. Mike Joe Thornton noticed that she always wore them; in the kitchen, nursing her mother, in the haggard – does she sleep in them he wondered?

We reckoned they are about three inches high and Barbie seemed to have them always on. Donie O Keeffe said they are ‘ performance shoes.’ They are a sign of power and women in powerful situations feel the need to wear them. Mention was made of Veep, the tv series about the female American Vice President , where Selina Meyers, often takes off her shoes. Then Sean Stack came up with a vital piece of information. Stiletto comes from the Italian word, stilo, meaning dagger! True! Would Claire stab Kevin (Spacey, not our Kevin) for power? We are already writing House of Cards, series 5.  It was also noted that Claire used to wear either white or black silk pjs depending on her mood but we left that discussion unreported.


3 thoughts on “Our Kevin, Claire Underwood and Stilettos.

  1. An item of interest may be as follows…
    The Aryan Sanskrit word for war “gavyaa” literally means, the desire for more cattle!!!
    Whilst I see the add above saying we die anyway even if we eat healthy and drink water etc…. We just might die with a sense of fulfilment and gentleness if we do the best we can to reduce the use of animal flesh and secretions in our lives, knowing that it leads to less suffering for the sentient beings involved, leads to healthier humans and a healthier planet…
    Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy, nutritionmd.org

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  2. We laughed our heads off at this mornings “reflection.” We wait every morning for your wonderful words of wisdom and God and life. This delightful left turn in the road was such a humorous surprise- evidence of a laughing God who lives within each of us!
    Just want to let you know that you are in our nightly prayers each evening, Fr. Pat. Your insights are such a rare gift to all who are reading them! Thank you, God bless you and hope to see you this Fall!

    Donna and Tim Mahoney- Lynch
    Maggie Valley, NC

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