“Hello darkness my old friend.”

The sun shone, the Angelus bell rang out along the river, an effort was in progress to elect a new Taoiseach when we arrived in the Lee Clinic in Cork. I was there with Ann and Kathleen to receive my biopsy and scan results from the previous week. The biopsy has shown the presence of cancer in the upper oesaphagus. It’s disappointing but it was always a possibility. It is a ‘local reoccurrence ,’and the fact that it has been picked up on so early, that the rest of my body is clear,  that I have responded positively to radium before and that the medical team are prepared to deal with it opens up a way through it.  ‘Second line treatment ‘ seems to be the way forward. As Bishop Ray said to me, ‘ I need another great dose of courage.’ I will be finding out in the next week the response of the medical team. Their care and professionalism inspires me. I’m in good form, and appreciate your concern, prayers and good wishes.

When I came back to my own bed in Asdee I found this page open in the book by my bedside.


20 thoughts on ““Hello darkness my old friend.”

  1. Fr Pat, sorry to read of this ‘hiccup’ knowing you as I do, I can imagine that you are in the deepest contact with God: I say with certainty that He will hold your hand, and increase your physical, mental and spiritual strength


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    • Mary,
      Thank you for your support and hope your beautiful family are well. Am doing well and getting an idea of a way through it this evening from the oncologist. Your prayers are much appreciated.


  2. Read your post and am distressed. Hope the team comes up with a good plan and it’s implemented soon. Know that you are always in our prayers and let us know your progress. Love. Noreen and Tony.

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    • Noreen and Tony,
      Thank you for your support and your inspiring presence, meeting oncologist this evening and radium seems to be the way forward so we live in hope. Am in good form, had a great response to radium before, it’s localised and not elsewhere and I’m positive. The team are on top of it and up to speed on the best treatment.
      Keep me in the prayers,
      Love to you.


  3. You have came so far with your army of supporters already. St.Pio will lead you on in this world so full of strange pathways for us to travel. Will be praying for you and having a word with St.Pio to grant you the strength to keep ploughing along. You have helped so many along your path of recovery. Maybe you are still needed to do your good work. Prayers and thoughts with you xxx

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  4. Fr Pat, it’s difficult to know how to express support or what kind of help to offer but I know there is a large crowd of people who are walking with you on this new challenge on life’s journey and hoping that our prayers and good wishes ease the load when it feels too heavy. Bridget

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