“I’ve come to talk with you again.”

Last Saturday (May 7th) I posted my breaking news here. Since then the discussion has opened up with the dis-ease! With the vigilant medical team, I met the oncologist on Monday last,have done bloods in Cork, interiorised the news, and will hopefully start treatment next Thursday. That treatment hasn’t been fully fine tuned yet, probably involving radium, chemo, oral and mainline.

This is what I’ve written for the Duagh/Lyre Parish Newsletter:

“When I went for my six month check up a biopsy showed the presence of cancer. It’s disappointing but not unexpected and after meeting with the oncologist it is treatable. Because it’s early detection, in one place and I responded to treatment so well before there are a number of treatments I can get. I appreciate your prayerful support and we will continue to pray for each other for God is very near.”

We headed to Cork on Tuesday morning. It’s 170 miles return trip. It was foggy at 7am and I scribbled these few lines in the May morning dew:

“The Stillness of the morning 

amplified by the fog

gave a sense that everything is incubating 

even healing.

The swallows dart silently around the shed.

The cuckoo has laid an egg in some unsuspecting small birds nest behind the Fort.

That voice of summer cuts the air like some transAtlantic jet ore head,

and I will continue to find joy in simple things.”


One of the Swallow’s nests.


8 thoughts on ““I’ve come to talk with you again.”

  1. The bend in the road
    Sometimes we come to life;s crossroads
    And we view what we think is the end
    But God has a much wider vision
    And he knows that it;s only a bend

    The road will go on and get smoother
    And after we;ve stopped for a rest
    The path lies hidden beyond us
    Is often the path that is best

    So rest and relax and grow stronger
    Let go and let God share your load
    And have faith in a brighter tomorrow
    You;ve just come to a bend in the road


    Always in my prayers Fr Pat Best wishes Anne

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  2. Fr Pat ..all will be well. You are in the best hands of medical staff, but importantly you are in the hollow of the hands of God
    My prayer of intercession has been registered
    God bless

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  3. Fr. Pat, your strength is over whelming and you have been such an inspiration to others throughout your illness. Please God you will continue to find the strength to deal with your treatment ahead. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. The Leane Family Lyre and The Martin Family Kildare

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