“And the Vision that was planted in my brain still remains.”

The wild orchids are out just now as I begin my conversation with this dis-ease. I’m back with familiar people, roads and buildings. I sense an after glow from the time before – a kind smile, a felt warmth. There is a sense we make our own maps as we step  into the future.  There are times I have to consciously try and get out of my own way. It’s a mistake for me to give energy to feelings of gloom. I find I’m in touch with hope when I’m in the heart space. A lot of the heart can be in need of freeing up and trying to get in touch with that deeper place has done that for me. I find I can feel a balance there. It’s the nature I can feel in myself and sense in others. It’s where compassion and tenderness reside. It’s where I feel trust.

So I’m expecting a bit of treatment later on next week. I’m up for it thank God and it is manageable. Today I had a visit from my grand-nephew in Mayo who will be one year old next week. He brought his parents (!) and went to the strand for the first time in his life. He wanted to stay there!


3 thoughts on ““And the Vision that was planted in my brain still remains.”

  1. Tom Creane journeyed the long lonely road to the South Pole but you Pat are journeying to the heart of the matter, to the core of your being in search of an
    understanding & embracing of your present condition. Thank you for sharing so much of your journey; few have the courage to face themselves positively
    & fewer still find words to express their feelings! It is a very unique call & the
    language of feelings is rarely expressed as eloquently as you manage to do in spite of all that is going on for you.
    Eleanor 1986

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  2. Father Pat, so good to share some of your current emotions…thanks
    You give so much encouragement, and enlightenment to others out there, who are facing a struggle.
    Always in my prayers

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