A Bucket List.

The following story was told in downtown Asdee last night after Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Noti Thornton is living in Kylatalian and last Tuesday he decided to go to the hardware store in Asdee (I’m not sure which one). He sat into his car at home but it was out of petrol so he hopped up on the tractor only to find out that the starter was gone in the tractor. Both wheels in his bike were flat so he had to walk to the village. Bobo Stack served him in the store for he had four items to buy. He wanted an anvil, a white enamel bucket, a hen and a goose. As he payed for these four very different items, Bobo asked if he had the car or tractor outside. Neither Noti said for he was walking. How will you get your items home so, enquired Bobo. That’s easy said Noti putting the bucket in one hand, the goose under his right arm(or axter as he calls it), the hen under his left arm and he picked up the anvil with his free hand. Then he made for home. He saw Donie O Keeffe at the top of the hill as he left home with a fresh delivery of banana bread. At Craughdarrig Cross he met the most unusual lady he had seen in awhile. She was scantily dressed and he found her a small bit forward. She was looking for the road to Carrigane. Hoti said he was going that way and she could accompany him. You don’t expect me to go down that narrow road with you she said to Hoti in a very accusatory way. “Who do you think I am?”  How could you say that said Hoti when I have a bucket in this hand, a goose here, an anvil here and a hen under this arm? 

That’s very simple said the stranger. If you put the goose down in the ground, put the bucket over her, put the anvil on top of the bucket, I would hold the hen for you! 

It wasn’t till that moment that Hoti Thornton understood what “a bucket list ” means.


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