To be of the Earth.

“The brilliant Irish theologian and mystical writer John Moriarty says in Dreamtime, ‘Jesus the Christ is he among us who is most incarnate…He has enabled us who,hitherto, were only on the earth,to be of the earth.’ So often we have taken religious teachers to be pied pipers leading us out of this earthly life rather than further into it. This is a crucial mistake in spiritually, a defensiveness hardly noticed in the thrill of escape. The spirit is not apart from the body but,is revealed through it and in it.

God is the flutter of the butterfly and the sweet aroma of the honeysuckle,and in the steam rising from the pot of potatoes on the stove and in the smells and sounds of every passing light of every room in the house. God is also in the negative,horrific sensations-in the explosion of the bomb and the firing of the pistol. All of these sensations are there to be read theologically if we have the holy imagination to recognise them. Otherwise they are mere impressions lost to consciousness and reflection.”

From “The Soul’s Religion ” by Thomas Moore (2002)


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