On the Journey

You’d never know what you’d meet in the highways and byways of North Kerry!

Twas Dante said in The Divine Comedy,  “Midway upon the journey of life, I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost.”

It might happen a bit later or earlier but it happens. 

It is all on the journey and the joy of discovery, for the woods are lovely these sun filled days, “dark and deep”. 

The great outdoors calls these sun filled June days as we approach the Summer Solstice. And we carry the darkness too with us as we carry the light. 

Sean Stack lead the discussion the other night on “The Game of Thrones.” Donie O Keeffe has lost the thread on the second series since summer came, the great outdoors calls and it’s a great year for bananas as the potassium levels were high this spring in downtown Asdee. Con O Hanlon has taken to drawing cartoons inspired by the setting of the scenes though he doesn’t care much for the various plots that he sees developing in the series that he is missing a lot like all of us.

All in all, Kevin summarised proceedings by giving the series a poor enough rating mainly because Downtown Asdee is far more interesting than what’s happening in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. Sean Stack did acknowledge the brillant work done in the series by Listowel man PJ Dillon, the world class Cinematographer. The music, A Song of Ice and Fire, it was agreed was brillant.

Anyway we finished off the night with a feed of Kevin’s strawberries.


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