The Language of the Rain.

Well the rains, falling gently and gently falling, have come to downtown Asdee.

But this too will pass and it makes for a little bit more introspection. 

Nina, that great source of wisdom and awe,told the following story lately from the work of John Moriarty.

“Once upon a time there was a man who lived alone. Every day, even on bad winter days, he went into the forest hunting. Coming home one evening he saw some clothes of his hanging out to dry. Going inside he was surprised to see how clean and tidy his house was. There was a freshly made fire and a hot meal on the table. Again the next evening there was a freshly made fire and a meal, steam rising from it. And his clothes, washed and dried, freshly mended. He left, as usual, for the forest early next morning. But he didn’t go all the way. Curious to know who it was, he turned back, hiding himself in some bushes not far away from the house. After a while he saw a fox trotting towards the door. The fox went in. And not long after the hunter went in. There was a woman making the fire. There was a fox skin hanging on the back of the door.

I’m your wife now the woman said.

They lived together happily. 

One night the man complained of a bad smell in the house.

A fox smell, he said. I can’t stand it, he said. The woman got up and went to the door. Taking down the fox skin, she put it on. A fox again she trotted away into the wilderness.”

What’s that story about I’m asking myself this reflective morning?

Is it a story about us humans being able or not being able for the animals around us?

A story about us humans not being able for the animal in us?


One thought on “The Language of the Rain.

  1. Well, you have certainly made me think on this rainy day! I think it is about the animal within us, when we accept ourselves for who we are, we are happy and content. When we start questioning ourselves, it sends us in different directions. But I think every now and again, we must return to our true selves, our own truth, to ground us.

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