June 27 th

From the ‘Ireland in Pictures‘ section of the RTE website comes this beautiful picture of a sunset on Beale strand, taken recently by Monica Dillane .

Back in 1982, 34 years ago today, I was ordained to the priesthood in St. Michael’s Church in Ballylongford. Looking back, it seems like such a short time and I’m so grateful for the many graces and blessings I’ve received over the years.

Yesterday, I let the people of the Parish of Duagh and Lyreacompane know of my decision to resign as Parish Priest of there.

I arrived at that decision because I feel the need to give my full attention to recovery. And my treatment is going so well, I have over six weeks of chemotherapy done and this afternoon I’m starting a month of daily radium. This time the treatment is less severe and focused on one small place. 

I’m looking forward to going back to parish work when I’m fully recovered. So on the weekend of Brexit  – it’s Duexit for me!

Some words that inspired me back on ordination day still do today – from Karl Rahner.

The Priest is not an angel sent from heaven;

he is a man chosen from among men,

and a member of the Church, a Christian. 

Remaining human and Christian, 

he begins to speak to you the Word of God. 

This Word is not his own.

 No, he comes to you because God has told him to proclaim God’s Word.

Perhaps he has not entirely understood it himself. 

Perhaps he adulterates it. 

But he believes; 

and despite his fears, he knows that he must communicate God’s Word to you.

 For must not some of us say something about God, about eternal life….must not some of us speak

of sin and the love and mercy of God?

So, dear friends, pray for him. 

Carry him, so that he might be able to sustain others by bringing them the mystery of God’s love,

revealed in Jesus Christ.


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