A Great Year for…,,,

Well it’s a great year for Roses :

A better year for elderberries:

The best year I can remember for foxglove:

But , as Paddy McElligott would say: ” an atrocious year ” for apples.

My neighbour, Anne Linnane noticed in her pear and apple orchard that the blossoms came very early but got badly singed in the wind, rain and frost. I had noticed myself how few apples were forming. So the apple press won’t be out as often in Carrigane this summer for Anne’s wonderful bottled cider called “Carrigane Dew”, which warms up our winters. For Carrigane is a place where every man gets his due!! 

John must be a friend of the great Patsy Kennedy who recently celebrated thirty years of married bliss to the wonderful Frances. John turned up on his face book page and he must have a sense of humour if Patsy knows him! The stone is wet these days!

I made “Kerry’s Eye ” again this week. I feel a small bit uncomfortable with the language of war fare so often used in relation to cancer. Illness can often come as a teacher with necessary lessons. It inserts me in a different and more aware setting. I don’t feel I’m in ‘a battle.’ I’m certainly on a learning curve. I feel the awarenesses I bring to any situation will greatly effect the outcome. Sometimes illnesses  brings a message with them which needs to be heard and then when its heard moves on.


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