A Thistle Night .

Saturday night, in downtown Asdee, we gathered to discuss and solve some of the great issues of our time. 

It is a great year for thistles, Kevin pointed out. They add colour on the way to the fort with the foxgloves.

Kevin also pointed out that there are people he meets that are a little bit prickly like the thistle.

Yet it is the emblem of Scotland, Donie pointed out. His grandmother’s first cousin was awarded the order of the thistle in Scotland for her pioneering work that she did with hedgehogs (also very prickly) “No one harms me without punishment,”is the motto of the order of the thistle.

“Not a bad motto,” said Con Hanlon. The thistle can grow in the roughest of places he pointed out. It’s a tough plant but it also protects the purple flower. That’s why the Scots have it as a national emblem. When the barefoot Vikings were attacking them at night, their roar woke the Scots when they walked on thistles.

Our resident artist, Sean Stack, said that purple was the colour of nobility and pride.

So there you have it all! The pain, the protection and the pride. And all because there is a great crop of thistles this year! 

So we decided that we’d institute an Order of the Buachallan. It would be given to the best double yoked egg produced in the locally. Terms and conditions will apply and canvassing will disqualify. 

Watch this space.


3 thoughts on “A Thistle Night .

    • Mary isn’t the only double yoked egg producer in the locality, the fact that Kevin is one of the judges does tilt things in her favour, the prize can only be presented to a humanoid like Mary Whyte but the prize of organic poultry feed ,( grown in the shade of Donie O Keeffe’s banana plantation), can be enjoyed by hens and cocks alike.
      Hoping this addresses your concerns. If you have been affected by any issues in the correspondence contact Sean Stack!!


      • When is the closing date for this great prize and where will it take place? Maybe if i knew Kevin as well as Mary does I might be in with a chance .

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