A Giddy Fun Day .

Each day a different person brings me to Cork Hospital from Killarney. I am blessed in the support I have. Everything is running so smoothly. The trip, the hospital..,

Meeting fellow patients and the respect, awareness and sensitivity we have for each other. The water cooler is a great place of encounter..,

Today I had a two hour wait from the time I got my radiotherapy to the time I had my weekly meeting with the consultant. All went very well.

My friend, John O Callaghan took me today. We crossed over to the Wilton Shopping Centre, to pass away the time.

Let’s do our Christmas Shopping and take the stress out of next December,” suggested John!  Rather than talk about hospital to anyone we met, (and a lot of Kerry people were shopping there today), we told them our purpose! “The butcher was fine, if a little surprised, to take the order for the turkey, to be collected on December 23rd!”

When the weather and the soccer, the holidays and the greyhounds are discussed, when the iPhone is redundant, Thank God for a sense of humour and a fine day.


3 thoughts on “A Giddy Fun Day .

  1. A Fragment

    Surely the hope is
    a story can stay open

    with its anthem
    of small details singing
    the cups still on the dresser,
    the wing chair by the fire.

    And all of it unfinished
    In a form
    that needs little enough
    to become a hymn to the durable
    and daily implement,
    the stored possibility of another day.

    And nothing more.

    Eavan Boland

    Seachain tu fein


  2. Fr. Pat. Keep it up. I, like so many others, am with you in so many ways. The people at the water cooler, like the Syro- Phoenician woman, are getting a real treat. God bless. Jerry.

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  3. Pat, Glad everything going well with your treatment plan. I heard that in offices the photocopier and the water cooler are the best places for the ” News “!! The water cooler is powerful image as the meeting of Jesus with the Samaratan woman at the well” Woman give me a drink ” Continued peace as you embrace your illness and recovery. Brendan


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