The January Sales!

Today, my friend Breda accompanied me to Cork for treatment and consultation. For the two hour intermission between meetings she decided to do something more imaginative than John O Callaghan last Thursday. ” Let’s do the January sales!” she suggested – seeing that the Christmas Shopping was out of the way!

As it turned out we did something far more imaginative. We went to the Honan Chapel in the grounds of U.C.C.

Completed in 1916 its style is simple and restrained but showcases the best of Irish traditions. The carved stonework, 

the mosaic floor,

the tabernacle, 

carved seats but most of all the spectacular stained glass windows by Sarah Purser and the young Harry Clarke.

I love young Clarke’s representation of St. Gobnet, the linear figures and the rich blue hues.

“All yee works of the Lord, O Bless the Lord!”

Consultation went well and I’m halfway through this round of treatment. 

The Chapel reminds me of the generosity of the Honan family of Cork, dedicated craftsmanship of women and men, “fired by a living faith in the presence among us of the Lord Jesus.”


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