Seasons and Weather are achanging!

Looking up from under the shade of the fulsome ash, the hints of Autumn appeared in the colour change of leaves.

It has been known to rain lately here in Kerry so 

 a few solutions are emerging 

Mike Joe is encouraging people to stay in and drink strong tae. “Wake tae for wake people.”

Better still head to Ballybunion for a seaweed bath- luxurious time in a bowl of soup!

The rain gives us time to appreciate what we have going for us.

Then ” The Power of Now ” man gave humanity food for reflection lately.


3 thoughts on “Seasons and Weather are achanging!

  1. Tis a great day when you can sit down to a mug of strong tay among dacent people in Downtown Asdee or Upper Banemore or lying down on a trupall of dry rushes by the side of the road above in Cloghanenaleisceart Bog sipping loose tay that you could trot a mouse across. The simplest things in life are the almighty best.
    Hang low if’n you want to feel high hi.

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