Dewitt Jones-allowing our vision to go beyond what we understand.

Dewitt Jones is one of America’s top photographers, works for The National Geographic, and promotes depth of thinking, imagination and creativity.

“There is so much information and news now available to us all that it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise. What do I hold onto? There is a difference between data and knowledge.

Try to be sufficient. Sufficiently is two steps below abundance and one step above scarcity. I’m sufficient when I make the conscious decision that I have enough. If I know what’s sufficient I won’t be overwhelmed by constant information.

Do you suffer from FOMO?(Fear Of Missing Out) I run around from post to pillar afraid I’ll miss out on that piece of information that’s going to help me make sense of everything. I feel as if I’m living in an abundant world with a scarcity mentality.

Instead I live in an abundant world with a scarcity mentality. Move to JOMO (the Joy Of Missing Out) That helps me live in a world of presence, focus and certainly.

I need to be able to celebrate as well. To be able to get up in the morning and celebrate what’s right with the world. It doesn’t mean I deny pain and suffering but I try to put suffering in a bigger context. Seeing the world and all that God gives us the strength to deal with pain and suffering is what we come to.

There are people in the world who are givers and takers.Some gain their strength from helping and giving. Others fill their own cup with life as it gives them joy – it overflows as they do what they do in the world out of love. They are connected with the Source – they live in Sufficency.”


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