Dealing with Worry!

For some of us it’s health, for more it’s physical circumstances or family: either way we all have alot of practice in dealing with worry.

Fear gets a grip of me whenever I move into the head and start thinking all that can go wrong. And even though I realise what is going wrong I still find it hard to stop. Someone said worry can be the echo in my head of fear- going over again and again in my head the bad things that might or might not happen. And that’s the daft thing about it; after worrying about something it might never happen.

Climbing back out of my head, I’m now sitting in a chair, writing or typing, breathing, people watching, checking out the changing weather and the dog at my feet. Life as it is NOW, with everything that is beyond the filters of good and bad that I so often apply to life as it unfolds.

The moment I am now living in has been and is the only safe place. Whether it’s awake at 4am in the morning or in a hospital bed, from wherever I am I can access healing memories, can reach out to others.

Go beyond fear into the now, meet who I meet when I’m alone with myself, meet others and live beyond my functioning filters.


6 thoughts on “Dealing with Worry!

  1. As you do every day you inspire us all with your inspiring words. Thanks for all the help and guidance and may you be justly rewarded for all your good help with good health and happiness.

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  2. Great to see you on TV. You are an inspiration to us all. Yes, we must live in the “Now” as much as we can. Praying for you and wishing you faith, hope and love. – Peg Prendeville

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