St. Michael’s Holy Well 

It’s the time of the year that we remember the Angels and all roads lead to Lixnaw to the healing waters and ambiance of the place.

I love the path down to the well from the roadside. It reminds the pilgrim that I am crossing an ancient threshold.

It was the Norman settlers that brought devotion to Michael the Archangel to this low lying area. Normally Micheal, messenger of God, is associated with high places like Skellig, Roche San Michelle and St. Michael’s in Cornwall.

The statue shows the Archangel slaying the dragon, the sword is the gift of divine awareness within and around us. 

The Well and its environs are beautifully cared for by a hardworking local committee and the inspiration of Fr. Mossie Brick. 

The water has a pure cleansing quality about it.


One thought on “St. Michael’s Holy Well 

  1. I was born on the feast of St Michael. I’m a teacher of religion and english and have recently had cancer.
    Am thrilled to find out about St Michael’s holy well. I love St Michael and will soon visit his well. I recently (over the Christmas holidays) visited St Ita’s shrine and church which are not too far away from this holy place. Did Fr Pat Moore write any more about this Holy Well? I live near Dublin but love Kerry and often come down. Would love to make a trip to Lixnaw on my birthday this year, 29 September!


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