This Years Symposium 

Excitement is building in downtown Asdee for this years symposium arranged by Donie O Keeffe and Sean Stack. It is sponsored by local shopkeepers Alice and John Walsh and is already overbooked according to Norelle Whyte. 

This years topic is based on the work of the Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari’s book ” Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow “. 

His previous book went through 70,000 years of history and suggested there was nothing special about us humans. Only the blind hand of evolution lies behind the ascent of humanity. No God given spark in us at all. Needless to say it provoked alot of discussion in downtown Asdee, Kevin Mulvihill being very upset.

His latest book is “Homo Deus “. In the future we have got rid of the old enemies of mankind : plague,famine and war. “For the first time in history more people die of eating too much rather than too little, more people die from old age rather than infectious diseases, more people commit suicide rather than are killed by soldiers, terrorists and criminals combined. For the third millennium we have to achieve immortality, happiness and divinity. 

How do we enhance people’s physical and cognitive beyond the biological norm?

These questions and more will be dealt with and off shore gander soup with banana bread will be available at the break.

Conversation will be as free flowing as the Torc Waterfall in full flow. Andrew Joy will be in attendance and he is supplying the soup, Donie O Keeffe the banana bread. The symposium is overbooked.


3 thoughts on “This Years Symposium 


    Patrick Kavanagh
    O leafy yellowness you create for me
    A world that was and now is poised above time,
    I do not need to puzzle out Eternity
    As I walk this arboreal street on the edge of a town.
    The breeze too, even the temperature
    And pattern of movement is precisely the same
    As broke my heart for youth passing. Now I am sure
    Of something. Something will be mine wherever I am.
    I want to throw myself on the public street without caring
    For anything but the prayering that the earth offers.
    It is October over all my life and the light is staring
    As it caught me once in a plantation by the fox coverts.
    A man is ploughing ground for winter wheat
    And my nineteen years weigh heavily on my feet.


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