Passion endures!

Autumnal colours abound 

Patsy and Bosco have caused a bit of confusion internationally. In America, Patsy is a female name and Bosco is a mans name. Our pair are called after previous owners or homes of origin. Anyway their petit l’amour continues
And I’m reminded of a poem from Paddy Kennelly’s excellent book of poetry Disciples:

Hannah Grogan

“Aren’t we the pure apes!

And when will we ever learn!

I couldn’t help remarking to myself 

When I saw my she-cat

Paradin’, like a big hussy, before the big tom

‘ you bloody eejit!’ I said to her,

‘You’ll be sorry yet for wriggling your bum

At that fella. Just wait till the pusheens come!

I’m telling you, my dear, you’ll live to regret 

Your little bit of fun yet ‘

Our Hannah doesn’t miss much and she is always learning!!

On last Wednesday, a young woman arrived from The Bronx to Ballylongford with three family names and a place name. She was lucky enough to meet Tommy Keane and John Hanrahan and before Alysin left Kerry, twenty four hours later she had found out she was related to half the parish and as many more in America that she never knew existed!

Alysin found an immediate connection with the landscape and was very moving as she surveyed North Kerry from Cnoc an Fhomhair 

And of course the weather is always this fine in Kerry!


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