The Last Day of Autumn

What wonderful weather we are having.

In Killarney, the lake of learning, Lough Leane, mirrors sky and mountain.

Almost in the town, Killarney House has opened up its wonderful gardens to the public. What an asset to everyone and free.

Walking is an ideal oppertunity to reflect and be inspired.

Not only the mountains trigger the inward eye but every changing tree.

Then the great Valerie O Sullivan, published a magnificent book on her beloved MacGillicuddy Reeks and its people, and what a wonderful book it is.

 A joke compliments of Valerie:

November upon us, the change of clocks and our thoughts turn to our dead. I got this consoling thought from Bridget of Killarney:


2 thoughts on “The Last Day of Autumn

  1. Hello Father Paudie ( never quiet got my head around Fr. Pat)
    I did read your email and view that picture (seriously!!) I wanted to respond with a sarcastic dribble … but, words failed me (there’s a first!) As I am so very busy, I did not get round to it.
    Kindly update, Kevin and Donnie about my upcoming energy healing work shop – basically, it is about owning your own shizer!
    Last October you told me you thought I would be home again very soon – well as I journeyed through your book, I was at home today and cried myself a very merry little Christmas Time – so Thank you.

    Happy Christmas Everybody, enjoy the rain, cold, dark and misery …….. I am off to water the roses!

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  2. We’re in Florida now and hope you’re thinking about a visit possibly? Let us know soonest how you’re really doing. Love. Noreen

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