The Young Pope

A lot of discussion in downtown Asdee about the new Sky Atlantic, Italian production The Young Pope.

Jude Law plays the young American Pope and Diane Keaton plays Sr. Mary

The chain smoking Pope is very different and unconvincing but there are fantastic sets and dream sequences in it.

Norelle Whyte’s favourite quote from it so far is,

” I am a contradiction like God, one in three and three in one. Like Mary, virgin and mother. Like man, good and evil.”

Donie O Keeffe’s favourite quote is:

“My only sin and it’s an enormous one is that my conscience does not accuse me of anything.”

Kevin often quotes;

“We all want to see that which is hidden, we want to stare the forbidden in the face “


One thought on “The Young Pope

  1. The acting in The Young Pope is amazing – particularly Jude Law and Silvio Orlando. All the quotes are memorable however this one applies to us all…. “The sins we commit in the past are the same ones we will commit in the future, because man is like God – he never changes”.

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