The neighbours came to light the Christmas lights.The Past 

The present.

The Future.

A great celebration in downtown Asdee last night.

A great quote from Monica Brown’s Christmas Message, quoting a great Kerryman!

“I have chosen this beautiful text below from Daniel O’Leary as my Christmas reflection and offer it to you to ponder in your own way during this holy season of Christmas.

“All of life is sustained and intensified by those two greatest sacraments of the heart- that first morning when the huge heart of the Creator spun the earth lovingly into being; and then, that enduring night when God’s astonishing desire for us was revealed in the small heart of a starry-eyes and mystified child whom Christians call Jesus.” Daniel O’Leary”

What a wonderful insight.


This Christmas Day

2 thoughts on “This Christmas Day

  1. Thank you Fr Moore! In hospital since the 12th of December. Broken tibia and fibula. May get to go home on the 31st! Guess the Good Lord still needs me here to help Him help others! Will type you a letter when home. Will get your address from Maher’s or Flynn or Johnny and Siobhan!


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